"am I getting slightly gay vibes from her or am I wishing I was getting gay vibes from her?" my autobiography




I love how Snape’s just standing there like what

and slughorn is just like oh dear what should i do like he just seems so distressed 

my favorite is Dumbledore… he looks like his favorite program just came on

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colour coded ladies
btvs | buffy summers + blue

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Tumblr has taught me more about feminism, womens rights, rape culture, slut shaming, mental illness etc, more than school ever had. So don’t you dare tell me this website is a complete and utter waste of time

The 12 Common Archetypes - Buffy The Vampire Slayer

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Jaime Lannister, ASOS   |  Jaime/Brienne Appreciation Week - Day 2: One Quote

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"You think I want this? You think I don’t care? Believe me, I want to…be here, do things. I want to graduate from high school, and I want to go to the stupid winter formal… I have this friend, and it would be fun to go with him. Just to dance and hear lame music to wear a silly dress and laugh and stuff. I’d like to go. There’s a lot of stuff I’d like to do. I’d love to ice skate at Rockefeller Center. And I’d love to see my cousins grow up and see how they turn out. I’d love to backpack across the country or, I don’t know, fall in love, but I won’t. I just never will.

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And now, through Belle, there’s love in my life again.

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Elizabeth Lail as Princess Anna in A Tale of Two Sisters

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There was no waking from this nightmare, no comforting whisper in the dark that he was safe really, that it was all in his imagination; the last and greatest of his protectors had died, and he was more alone than he had ever been.

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Even cancer isn’t a bad guy really: Cancer just wants to be alive.

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